As the US continues to search for energy alternatives, properties improved with solar PV (photovoltaic) are becoming more common, creating demand for appraisers trained in properly valuing solar PV. Encountering a solar photovoltaic (PV) system could present a valuation problem that you may not be prepared to solve. As an appraiser appraising green properties, it is inevitable that you will encounter solar PV. Even for those who don’t specialize in green properties, the likelihood that you will encounter solar PV in your practice is increasing. This hands-on course introduces you to solar terminology, and through real-life examples and case studies, on both residential and commercial properties, shows you how to solve solar-related valuation problems. This course will focus on solar PV most commonly encountered in commercial and residential appraisal/consulting assignments. It will not focus on utility-scale solar (solar farms), solar thermal, or other forms of on-site renewable energy generation.


AI CE Credit

  1. Attend and Pass Exam = 200 Points
  2. Attendance Only = 150 Points

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Professional Development



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Exam Hours: 1
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Level: Intermediate
Type: General/Residential
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