This course synthesizes basic and advanced valuation techniques taught in previous courses, and addresses consistent treatment of the three valuation approaches for various valuation problems. Case studies teach participants how to address common but complex appraisal issues, including a leased fee not at market rent, a proposed property, a property in a market not at equilibrium, and a subdivision. The course emphasizes the need to test the reasonableness of conclusion in an appraisal.


AI CE Credit

  1. Attend and Pass Exam = 375 Points
  2. Attendance Only = 275 Points
  3. Pass Exam Only = 325 Points

Type of Program

Designation Education


MAI Education Diagnostic Test 
General Appraiser Sales Comparison Approach
General Appraiser Market Analysis and Highest & Best Use
General Appraiser Income Approach/ Part 1
General Appraiser Income Approach/Part 2
General Appraiser Report Writing and Case Studies

Attendance Hours: 37
Exam Hours: 3
State Approvals: Search by State
Number of Components: 4
Total Number of Pages: 621
Level: Advanced
Type: General
For Further Reading:

The Dictionary of Real Estate Appraisal , 6th ed. The Appraisal of Real Estate, 14th ed. Market Analysis for Real Estate: Concepts and Applications in Valuation and Highest and Best Use Valuation of Apartment Properties Subdivision Valuation Shopping Center Appraisal and Analysis  The Valuation of Office Properties