The Appraisal Institute is excited to announce that on October 1st changes will be made in our web interface which will enhance your online user experience. 

On September 26, 27, 28, 29, and 30, significant education related functionalities will not be available to you either via the AI website or through contacting AI staff. Included in the functionalities which will not be available are:

  • Registration for most AI courses, seminars and other education events.
  • Purchases of textbooks, webinars and other items in the AI online store. 

From September 26th through 30th, education certificate availability will also be limited.

Access to AI's public website,, online learning features and access to education transcripts will remain available. Important note, while online learning will be available, if you complete a program between September 26 and October 1, the program completion will not be recorded until after October 1. If you have a license renewal on September 30, it is highly recommended that you complete your program by end of day September 25.

We ask that you please plan ahead for this service disruption.

Thank you for your patience as we implement this upgrade. You may contact the Education department at or 312-335-4207 for any assistance.

Registrants of Appraisal Institute classroom, live (synchronous) online, and certain on-demand online programs receive immediate access to education materials. Programs registered for or purchased will show under the individuals “My Programs” section on the home page, once signed in. 

E-materials may also be directly purchased for select programs if an offering is not available or nearby. Student handbooks are formatted to allow for interactive exercises and discussion questions within the document, so they can be used directly on your lap top or tablet in class! An additional note-taking feature is available to save on the Knowledge Center or download on to your personal device! 

The center can also maintain a personalized library for each individual. Click the "Education Library" folder next to a component and the next time you visit the Knowledge Center, you can quickly retrieve in  the "My Education Library" section. The "My Education Library" section allows you to customize your own library to fit your needs.

The Knowledge Center provides:

  • Access to downloadable education e-materials for those registered.
  • Direct purchase of e-materials.
  • One year access to e-materials after registration or purchase.
  • The "Resources" section to download commonly requested education forms (challenge, re-exam, certificate request forms) and other documents for chapters and instructors.
  • The customizable "My Education Library" section to save and organize components and documents for faster access.